the court overrode the decision

disallow, overrule, countermand, veto, quash, overturn, overthrow, cancel, reverse, rescind, revoke, repeal

our interests should override all others

outweigh, supersede, take precedence over, take priority over, be more important than, cancel out, outbalance

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  • override — over·ride 1 /ˌō vər rīd/ vt rode / rōd/, rid·den, / rid ən/, rid·ing 1: to prevail or take precedence over if, as is often the case, federal constitutional principles override state statutory or common law H. P. Wilkins 2 …   Law dictionary

  • override — o‧ver‧ride [ˌəʊvəˈraɪd ǁ ˌoʊ ] verb overrode PASTTENSE [ ˈrəʊd ǁ ˈroʊd] overridden PASTPART [ ˈrɪdn] [transitive] to ignore a decision, rule, law etc made by a person or organization with less authority: • It has the power to override state… …   Financial and business terms

  • Override — may refer to: Override (short film) OverRide (video game) Overriders, an insurance term Overriding (mathematics) Manual override, a function where an automated system is placed under manual control Method overriding, a computer programming… …   Wikipedia

  • Override — O ver*ride , v. t. [imp. {Overrode}; p. p. {Overridden}, {Overrode}, {Overrid}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Overriding}.] [AS. offer[=i]dan.] 1. To ride over or across; to ride upon; to trample down. [1913 Webster] The carter overridden with [i. e., by] his …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • override — / overrule [v] cancel, reverse a decision alter, annul, bend to one’s will*, control, countermand, direct, disallow, disregard, dominate, govern, ignore, influence, invalidate, make null and void*, make void, not heed, nullify, outvote, outweigh …   New thesaurus

  • override — (v.) O.E. oferridan, from ofer over (see OVER (Cf. over)) + ridan to ride (see RIDE (Cf. ride) (v.)). Originally literal, of cavalry, etc. Figurative meaning to set aside arrogantly is from 1827. The mechanical sense to suspend automatic… …   Etymology dictionary

  • override — ► VERB (past overrode; past part. overridden) 1) use one s authority to reject or cancel. 2) interrupt the action of (an automatic function). 3) be more important than. 4) overlap. 5) travel or move over …   English terms dictionary

  • override — [ō΄vər rīd′; ] for n. [ ō′vər rīd΄] vt. overrode, overridden, overriding 1. to ride over 2. to trample down 3. to surpass or prevail over 4. to disregard, overrule, or nullify; specif., to change or cancel (an automatic function) …   English World dictionary

  • override — overrides, overriding, overrode, overridden (The spelling over ride is also used. The verb is pronounced [[t]o͟ʊvə(r)ra͟ɪd[/t]]. The noun is pronounced [[t]o͟ʊvə(r)raɪd[/t]].) 1) VERB If one thing in a situation overrides other things, it is more …   English dictionary

  • override — v. /oh veuhr ruyd /; n. /oh veuhr ruyd /, v., overrode, overridden, overriding, n. v.t. 1. to prevail or have dominance over; have final authority or say over; overrule: to override one s advisers. 2. to disregard, set aside, or nullify;… …   Universalium

  • override — o|ver|ride [ˌəuvəˈraıd US ˌou ] v past tense overrode [ ˈraud US ˈroud] past participle overridden [ ˈrıdn] [T] 1.) to use your power or authority to change someone else s decision ▪ The EU commission exercised its power to override British… …   Dictionary of contemporary English